DataLinQ User Meeting; Focusing on customer needs

Fysicon believes it is important to involve knowledge, feedback, and customer experience in product and technology development. We believe that involving our customers will ensure we are contributing to a more efficient healthcare service. By using our solutions, our customer, the healthcare provider, will be better supported in its main task: the care of patients!

To collect relevant feedback and to make optimum use of the capabilities offered by DataLinQ, we organize user days regularly. During our recent user meeting at Fysicon, on January 26, cardiac specialists from several hospitals across the Netherlands, learned all about new features and future developments of DataLinQ Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM). Our user meetings are specifically organized to give other users the opportunity to exchange their experiences with their colleagues. Customer needs have a great influence on our development roadmap as attendees have the opportunity to make their wishes, wants and needs known. Which makes our user meetings very important to us and provides the opportunity to innovate together with customers. Our annual DataLinQ customer satisfaction survey continues to show that this is very much appreciated and in the future we will also be organising DataLinQ user meetings in other countries including the United Kingdom.

If you are interested in our unique solution for a paperless pacemaker clinic, please contact Nardy van Doesburg (Product Specialist CRM) on telephone number +31 (0)412 65 33 33 for a completely free product demonstration or quotation.

datalinq user meeting