QMAPP’s first installations beyond Dutch borders are a fact!

We have recently launched Fysicon QMAPP and it is already crossing many borders. Installations of our brand new Cardiac Hemodynamic Monitoring system QMAPP have now taken place in Iceland and Pakistan.

In the National Institute for Cardio Vascular Diseases (NICVD) in Karachi – Pakistan – two QMAPP systems have been installed which will be in use 24/7. NICVD is the largest clinic for Cardiovascular Diseases in this country. More than 14.000 procedures per year, of which 3.600 primary PCI’s, are performed in seven cardiac catheter labs. Installation of QMAPP was performed by our highly appreciated Toshiba Medical partner Medequips, in conjunction with a Toshiba Infinix system as part of a renewal and extension program.

In Tabba Heart Institute, also in Karachi, Medequips installed a QMAPP hemodynamic monitoring system in combination with a Toshiba Infinix system, together with our own Fysicon engineers. This state of the art Cardiac Hospital has two cardiac catheter labs and performs approximately 7.000 procedures per year.

This is just the beginning for QMAPP as more installations of our smallest and most sophisticated monitoring system will soon follow in multiple countries all over the world!

Proud! Big thanks to team Medequips!

qmapp beyond dutch borders