DataLinQ offers integral management of pacemakers and other heart devices in an organised data management system. DataLinQ provides structure for all pacemaker, ICD, loop recorder and remote device administration. It integrates a variety of data that comes from the various pacemaker programmers and remote monitoring systems into one powerful and organized database. This is an important improvement in efficiency that saves you time. Time that you can dedicate to those who really need you: your patients.

DataLinQ. Because paper is completely outdated
Every year a large quantity of data of implanted pacemakers and ICDs is printed and saved in paper folders. This is no longer possible in the era of electronic data collection and the Electronic Medical Record (EMR). That is why Fysicon developed DataLinQ. DataLinQ exports data from a pacemaker programmer automatically and links the data to the EMR. It’s a paperless solution for seamless integration of data that comes from the remote monitoring systems of all the big providers: Microport, Biotronik, Abbott, Boston Scientific and Medtronic.

Automate your workflow: work faultlessly and save time
A patient comes to the hospital for a check-up of his or her pacemaker or ICD. Instead of data being manually entered into the hospital system or EMR, all available data are entered automatically into one database with DataLinQ. Information is sent to the DataLinQ CRM software or an EMR with just one click of the mouse. All available data from the pacemaker, ICD, ICM and remote follow-up are bundled in one location. Your workflow is hence fully automated. Typos are impossible and you save time to boot.

DataLinQ consists of a hardware and a software component.

DataLinQ 2PAD: say good-bye to the USB flash drive
With the DataLinQ 2PAD hardware, data from the pacemaker programmer can be automatically integrated into a database (DataLinQ CRM or another database of your choosing). Connected to various pacemaker programmers, DataLinQ 2PAD automatically detects the programmer from which the data stem. USB flash drives are superfluous!

Connection to the EMR and HIS
In addition to being connected to the EMR, DataLinQ 2PAD is also connected to the Hospital Information System (HIS). You can choose whether patient data will be obtained through a DICOM Worklist or an HL7 A19 report; the process remains the same. After you perform the follow-up procedure, you export the data to DataLinQ 2PAD. The data are combined with the selected patient and the combined data are sent to your database.

DataLinQ CRM: trends and statistics organized into one overview
DataLinQ CRM (Cardiac Rhythm Management) is a complete data, management and reporting system for the registration and (remote) follow-up of pacemakers, ICDs and loop recorders. You can create a comparison between new and historical data in the blink of an eye. Of course, trends are visible and statistics are possible. The data that stem from a follow-up procedure are automatically entered into the database. You can also enter data of an implant or replacement procedure. DataLinQ CRM can be operated and managed from every workstation that is connected to the hospital network.

Remote Device Management is possible
In addition to data stemming from the pacemaker programmers, it is also possible to integrate data stemming from remote device systems into DataLinQ CRM. A message is automatically displayed in the inbox when data of remote device systems are delivered through the hospital server. Both follow-up as well as remote follow-up data are integrated into one database.

National registration
Data can be forwarded to a national registry, such as the Dutch Heart Registry (Nederlandse Hart Registratie, NHR), from DataLinQ CRM. With DataLinQ CRM you can create mandatory fields that are necessary for such a registration.

Work intuitively…
DataLinQ has an intuitive interface; simple and user-friendly. With the report generator you can effortlessly design documents and reports in a lay-out and content of your choosing. DataLinQ CRM is modular and can be expanded at any time. Making a connection between DataLinQ 2PAD and your own database for importing data? No problem! Updates and new devices can easily be processed remotely.

What can DataLinQ mean for you?
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More time for our patient because of excellent workflow

Since May 2016, UMCU Utrecht has been working with DataLinQ CRM to provide integration between programmer data, home monitoring and the hospital information system (ChipSoft HIX). Read more

Niels Jongejan
Physician Assistant Device Therapy,
UMC Utrecht


Close contact between pacemaker technicians and Fysicon

We are very pleased with DataLinQ’s direct storage of pacemaker data. Doctors can now instantly see the follow up in HiX. Read more

Hans Schutte
Verpleegkundige Vaatkamer,
ZGT Hengelo

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