• EVOCS. Digitally share medical images quickly, safely and easily

Flexible solutions in medical ICT can save lives. Fysicon creates these solutions. Our EVOCS web application is the most-accepted way of sharing images and reports at health care facilities. Digitally share medical images quickly, safely and easily. Everywhere and at any time you want.

It’s a proven technology: EVOCS online image sharing has been (inter)nationally acknowledged since 2004. Some 85% of hospitals in the Netherlands alone use EVOCS to digitally share images and reports. Thanks to this integral application, doctors and specialists can provide their patients with even more focused and efficient care. But EVOCS proves its added value in other disciplines in the health care process as well.

Work more efficiently: save time and resources
Hospitals are increasingly working closely together with other health care facilities. Good, accessible and fast medical image sharing is crucial for patient treatment. With EVOCS medical professionals can save, evaluate and report a wide and diverse range of diagnostic images faster and more efficiently – throughout the entire hospital. Patients can be helped or referred faster and images can be immediately sent to a new specialist. This accelerates the diagnosis.

Work reliably: keep information
The great reliability of EVOCS resides in the online sharing of medical images. Burning CDs or DVDs is no longer necessary. There is an inherent risk to using such data carriers because information can be lost during the burning process. And disks can be carelessly left lying about, or worse, lost. What’s more, problems can occur when disks are read out or errors can be made when pairing images and reports with the correct patient. EVOCS essentially reduces these risks to zero.

View images in diagnostic quality
There is no loss of quality during online sharing of patient studies. That’s because EVOCS does not compress images but only shares them in their original diagnostic quality.

Patient information is safe
EVOCS complies with the legal requirements for storage, management and guaranteeing of patient data. Fysicon was one of the first providers of a data processing agreement to health care facilities in the Netherlands. Complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) privacy legislation is our highest priority. Patient data are hosted at an ISO 27001 data centre via EVOCS in the Netherlands. Certified Ethical Hacker tests our software for leaks.

Work intuitively
EVOCS is easy to use thanks to its intuitive and user-friendly graphical web application. The integrated EVOCS DICOM viewer gives you extensive options, for example for making annotations and taking measurements. The graphical interface can be adjusted to your wishes. And because EVOCS is available online, updates and technical maintenance can be easily configured remotely. This does not have to wait for ‘the next round’ at Fysicon because we develop the application in house, which allows us to serve you even faster.

Communication with other systems
It is essential for various programs to be able to communicate with each other. EVOCS provides access to patient data from various information sources, such as PACS and the Radiology Information System, and integrates these with (DICOM) modalities such as MRI, CAT/CT, DEXA, PET, X-ray, echo and electrocardiography.

Usable throughout the entire hospital
For this reason, EVOCS also proves its worth as an online image sharing platform in the world of mergers, joint ventures and increasing specialisation of institutions. While in the past it was primarily the cardiology and radiology specialties that processed images, today medical images are generated, analysed and shared at many more departments.

Peer consultation improves
As a specialist you want an efficient, multidisciplinary consultation or expert panel. Because you can easily have your images re-evaluated by colleagues, the quality of the image evaluation improves, and with it health care in general. Patients therefore don’t need to undergo new scans or additional radiation – or have to do this much less frequently.

What can EVOCS mean for you?
Want to know more about what EVOCS can mean for you? Ask for a demo. EVOCS requires no investment in infrastructure and no long-term implementation projects. EVOCS is accessible and available online within one day.

Want a bit more information about Fysicon? We are a modest company, but we offer an exceptional guarantee thanks to our parent company Canon. We are Dutch, down-to-earth and pragmatic. We are the ‘external department’ of your health care facility in the field of medical ICT. At your service!

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