Kick-off Ceremony Fysicon & Canon Medical Systems Corporation

Friday, July 6, a special Japanese ceremony took place on the occasion of the recent acquisition by Canon MSC, in which Fysicon was festively welcomed to the Canon Group.

A traditional Daruma and Sake barrel ceremony with colorful kimonos, a beautiful Daruma wishing doll, and of course the serving of Sake from Japanese barrels together formed a toast that should bring happiness and harmony for future cooperation.

Wobine Buijs-Glaudemans (Mayor of the city of Oss), Leon van de Mortel (senior accountmanager Economic Affairs), Linda Elberse (CEO Fysicon), former Fysicon directors Bert and Jeanette Elberse and from Canon MSC Japan Mr. Watanabe (general manager XR BU) and Mr Ryuji Zaiki (general manager Fysicon) were present to celebrate this wonderful event together with employees of Fysicon.