What would it be like if technology in the cath lab were just as simple as operating a mobile device? A device that can be quickly and easily installed with only one connection cable? What if there were software that really allowed you to focus on your patients? Thanks to high-end technology combined with unrivalled ease of use, you get more operating room and freedom of movement. Your cath lab will be more efficient if you take advantage of state-of-the-art technology. With a system that grows along with your needs: QMAPP, hemodynamic monitoring and more.

Designed, developed and manufactured in the Netherlands
The QMAPP amplifier is no larger than a ream of A4 paper. In addition to monitoring all vital functions, it has 32 bipolar channels for recording the intracardiac ECG during electrophysiological exams. QMAPP is excellently suited for use in hybrid labs, but also for combination and (cardiology) intervention catheterisation labs. QMAPP consists of both hardware and software components. QMAPP was designed to help make examinations even more efficient, by housing all parameters in a front-end and making operation intuitive in order to make the workflow as optimal as possible.

QMAPP hemodynamic measuring system
QMAPP is a hemodynamic measuring system equipped with a relational database, local storage, statistical analysis functions and extensive reporting options. It registers used materials and implants through a barcode reader. It makes all the hemodynamic calculations that you would expect from a future-ready hemodynamic measuring system. Thanks to connections – such as a worklist, dosimetry data, export of a report or parts thereof, storage of the report in the PACS and, of course, the EMR– you can integrate QMAPP even further into your department’s workflow.

More operational space and freedom of movement
Thanks to advanced techniques, QMAPP does not need forced cooling (through a ventilator), and so it does not cause any airflow. The design is user-friendly and is only connected with a single cable and fixated to a standard DIN rail on the X-ray or operating table. This increases the operational space and freedom of movement at the lab. The QMAPP amplifiers are interchangeable by disconnecting the cable, without loss of patient or exam data.

QMAPP Reporting Module
The QMAPP Reporting Module makes a stand-alone hemodynamic measuring system “the heart” of a department-wide Clinical Information and Management System (CIMS). Such a system handles the recording, integration, analysis and reporting of clinical processes. You want optimal performance and efficiency in your cath lab. This requires detailed statistical information. The QMAPP Reporting Module immediately provides you with the relevant information you need to make decisions.

A module for every application
The core of the QMAPP Reporting Module consists of being able to collect and connect data from or to other systems. Fysicon has decades of experience in making systems accessible, which has culminated in a catalogue of connection modules based on international standards. Various modules are available, such as for planning, statistics, support of national database(s) and connections to HIS/RIS/EMR, among other things, using standards like HL7 and DICOM. The modular design features flexibility. The QMAPP Reporting Module evolves right along with the continuously changing world of your health care facility.

Optimise your cath lab processes
The QMAPP Reporting Module optimises your cath lab processes by collecting, integrating and sharing information. Furthermore, there is the Scheduler Module, which you can use to plan exams for one or more rooms of a department (either manually or in automated fashion), and which simultaneously provides the modalities with a worklist.

What can QMAPP mean for you?
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