Fysicon donates food packages to Food Bank Oss e.o.

For Fysicon it matters to make a positive contribution to society as part of the Canon Group.

At Canon, social responsibility is a way of life. The idea that all companies bear responsibility towards their customers, employees, partners and the world in which they operate is an essential part of Kyosei. This year Fysicon wants to support the work of the Food Bank Oss by making food available during the expensive Christmas month in collaboration with a local supermarket. By giving more than 200 families some extras, around 900 people are provided with an extra filled package. This morning, Linda Elberse, CEO of Fysicon, presented the first food package to Henk Snijders, Public Relations Foodbank Oss e.o.

Fysicon will join the Club of 100 from this year onwards, giving the Food Bank an annual sponsorship. With this donation we hope to inspire more companies to do the same thing.