IKEM Czech Republic optimises pacemaker data with DataLinQ

The Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine (Institut Klinické a Experimentální Medicíny – IKEM), is the first hospital in Czech Republic (Prague) to optimise pacemaker and ICD follow up procedures with DataLinQ. DataLinQ has been installed into 5 pacemaker/ICD follow up rooms, to fully automate an average of 80 daily procedures.

IKEM has become one of the largest specialist clinical and scientific research establishments in the Czech Republic, focusing on the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, organ transplants, diabetology and the treatment of metabolic diseases.

Reliable, user friendly and efficient
The DataLinQ Pacemaker Programmer Acquisition Device (2PAD) integrates complex data from each Pacemaker / ICD Programmer and links them via DataLinQ Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM) into the Electronic Medical Record (EMR).