St. Jansdal live with Fysicon DataLinQ Pacemaker / ICD data management system

St. Jansdal Harderwijk Hospital has been successfully working with DataLinQ since June 30 2017. Our pacemaker / ICD management system automatically exports data from the pacemaker programmer to the DataLinQ Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM) system which connects directly to the EPIC EPD.

After testing DataLinQ in an earlier stage, the hospital has decided to invest in the system. Due to the good working relationship of all those involved in the hospital, DataLinQ was in use very quickly, with installation and training only taking 5 weeks. Eveline Gielen-Dielissen, Bep Pater and Arend Jan Punt (all Cardiophysiological Laboratory and Pacemaker Technicians) can now collaborate with hospital cardiologists at any time and any place in the hospital, regarding important measurement data. By using DataLinQ CRM as single means of collating data for all device manufacturers, it is possible to send data from pacemaker/ICD implants to the NCDR (National Cardiovascular Data Registry/NICOR), by just one push at a button. Also, the delivery of data for NCDR patient passes to a printer, is no longer manually but completely automatic, fast and reliable. This has resulted in an enormous time gain and efficiency for both the physicians as well as patients.