EVOCS new flexible solution PET-CT imaging

Zaans Medical Center recently started receiving digital images from the PET-CT scanner for Nuclear Medicine / Oncology at Spaarne Gasthuis.

The PET-CT modality is directly linked to EVOCS, which enables large studies to be easily and quickly shared with Zaans Medical Center in Zaandam, and then the images are automatically stored in an online PACS at the receiving hospital. Bart Titulaer – Clinical Physicist Spaarne Gasthuis – Haarlem / Hoofddorp: “Nuclear medicine diagnostics are complex and expensive, and requires many facilities and licenses. In this way, hospitals can easily use each other’s facilities and EVOCS contributes to the flexibility of healthcare processes. Large investments and long-term contracts are unnecessary. Because we have been satisfactorily using the EVOCS platform for years in the Cardiology department of Spaarne Gasthuis, it was obvious to choose EVOCS digital image exchange also for this particular application. The fast implementation time combined with a flexible subscription model has been of critical importance in the decision-making process.”