Care, monitoring & remote care is the future

At the University Medical Center Utrecht (UMCU) more and more patients with an ICD or CRTD are monitored at home in addition to regular hospital check-ups, over 5.000 per year.

Niels Jongejan, Physician Assistant Device Therapy says: “This is done via DataLinQ Remote Patient Monitoring. In this way, a patient does not have to travel to the hospital as often. It is also possible to respond quickly to a possible alert from the CIED (Cardiac Implantable Electronic Device) or arrhythmias. This results in optimal care and the experience is very pleasant. A short line between patient and practitioner! DataLinQ CRM (Cardiac Rhythm Management) helps us to unambiguously process this increasing data flow, in which the information that comes in (at the press of a button) can be processed directly in the patient file. In this way, the treating physicians have these extensive data faster and more frequently. We also have the possibility to perform extensive analysis based on the statistics.”

Since May 2016 the UMCU has been using DataLinQ CRM. The link between CIED programmer data, home monitoring check-ups and the hospital system. This creates a better workflow with fewer administrative tasks during any hospital check-up, resulting in more time for the patient. Niels Jongejan continues: “Partly thanks to the short lines and the pleasant cooperation with Fysicon, adjustments to the CRM software are made on request, so that updates or new devices can be processed quickly”.

Nowadays health care costs are high and we will have to think together about optimising this care. More customised care and above all, a reduction in these costs. This unique form of innovation is not only efficient, but can certainly contribute to cost savings.

Hospital 2020, Fysicon is ready. Are you? More information about DataLinQ? Please contact Linda Elberse (+31 412 65 33 33).