The INSYNQ Clinical Information & Management System (CIMS) manages the registration, integration, analysis and reporting of clinical processes. Optimizing the performance and maximising efficiency of cath labs requires in depth statistical information. INSYNQ makes the relevant information available on demand to allow decisions to be made in real-time. The modular structure underscores its flexibility. INSYNQ evolves along with the continually changing world of your healthcare institution

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Reporting & Statistic
This module focuses on the registration of cardiac catheterization. INSYNQ can be integrated to Fysicon QMAPP in order to import values measured during third party hemodynamic monitoring procedures. The patient portal module can be used to give the patient and his/her family insight into the processes and results.

Manually of automatically scheduling procedures for one or multiple labs. It also enables you to draw up a worklist for your medical equipment.

The registry module enables the collection of data in the INSYNQ Cath/PCI module during cardiac catheterization. The collected data can be provided to all National registries.

Ontime uses a summary page to provide insight into the current status: which patients are in which lab and whether procedures are taking longer.

INSYNQ is based on the collection of and connection with data from other systems. Fysicon has 20 years of experience in making systems accessible and, as a result, has an extensive catalogue of connectivity modules based on international standards like DICOM and HL7.

Inventory Management
A comprehensive stock management module which ensures the optimum use of your department’s stock. If connected to the INSYNQ Cath/PCI module, the used materials are automatically deducted from the stock.

Fysicon products
The product lines Fysicon QMAPP (hemodynamic monitoring system including 32-channel ICE) and Fysicon DataLinQ (pacemaker and ICD registration) can be integrated seamlessly with INSYNQ.